Who we are:

Fairmont Studio is a fine art and antique restoration and conservation studio based in the San Francisco Bay area. We primarily work with art objects in ceramics, glass, enamel, stone, wood, lacquerware, ivory and shell. We also repair dolls, frames and gilded surfaces. Whether it’s a child’s first hand print or a museum quality piece we can restore it for you.

Our services:



-Advice on storage and handling.

-Emergency or rush services.    

-Disaster planning.

-Insurance estimates.

-Shipping. We welcome the shipment of items for estimate and repair. Please contact us for advice on how to ship items safely so no further damage is incurred.

Who we serve:

We serve museums, galleries, auction houses, antique dealers and collectors.

Contact information:

Please contact us if you require an estimate for repair at

617-335-2511 or via email at enquiries@studiofairmont.com.